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Spas in Southern Finland

Serena water amusement park in Espoo

Tropical spas. Try Eden in Nokia, Caribia or Ruissalo in Turku
Indoor swimming bath in Hämeenlinna.

Golf courses in Finland

Golf in Hämeenlinna area:

and in Meri-Teijo area:

Fishing in Finland.

Travelling in Finland.

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Thanks a lot for visiting us! Here are a few of the sites around the Tuulos and Meri-Teijo that we recommend.

Jänisranta & Jänisrinne cottage area:

When you wish to find wilderness in Southern Finland, Evo Hiking Area (45 is your best choice. There are also several lakes and ponds in the Evo sports fishing areas.

Tuulos, the local community.

Find out more about Hämeenlinna, the town of many parks.

In Hämeenlinna you’ll also find a lot of different museums.

For children the most exciting museums usually are the Prison museum and the Artillery museum

For children and child minded the amusement park Puuhamaa is nice to visit in the summer or Särkänniemi in Tampere The Tropical Animalhouse in Hämeenlinna is open all year around.

In the wintertime you can go downhill skiing at Kalpalinna, Sappee or Messilä.

Ice hockey is the number ONE game in Häme. The Hämeenlinna teamHPK plays in the league and once or twice a week you have the possibility to watch the game at Rinkelinmäki.

Try a typical Finish dancing place, Kapakanmäki in Tuulos

Are you perhaps interested in castles? Then visit Vanajanlinna or the medieval Häme Castle

If you still are looking for some adventures, what about driving a Range Rover in the nature or cross carting in Lammi at Country Safari or why not a snow mobile safari from Elämyspalvelut

Travelling by Paunu express bus from Helsinki to Hämeenlinna


Pikkupoffi area:

The local community, Perniö

The Teijo Hiking Area is situated in an old cultural milieu in Mathildedahl, with more than 40 km of hiking trails.

Try casting or fly fishing at the rapids of Latokartanonkoski

Experience the Finnish forest & nature on horse-back!

Downhill in the winter or mountain bike and mountain formula in summer at Meri-Teijo Ski centre.

The golf course in Teijo, Meri-Teijo Golf

M/s Svanbad is an old riverboat, serving as a restaurant, in the harbour of Mathildedal. With m/s Stella Polaris you can a have a trip between Salo and Mathildedal.

Handcraft, glass studio More information about Meri-Teijo

Traveling by bus between Helsinki, Salo and Mathildedahl with Vainion Liikenne from Helsinki to Salo

Common links:

Find out about required fishing permits in Finland. The payment of the statutory fishing management can be paid in any post office. The permission for Jänisjärvi is already paid for you and in Evo and in Teijo sport fishing areas you can pay at sight. For more info see Fishing in Finland.

Travelling by train in Finland.

Travelling by bus in Finland.

Travelling by Paunu express bus from Helsinki to Hämeenlinna.

Flying to Finland:

Most major airlines fly into Helsinki Vantaa airport.

From Helsinki airport it’s 125 km to Jänisjärvi or Mathildedal. Ryanair operates direct flights from London Stansted, Frankfurt Hahn and Riga to Tampere, which is 100 km to Jänisjärvi and 180 km to Mathildedahl.